John Woolman and the Affairs of Truth

Edited by James Proud

Cousin Ann's Stories for ChildrenJohn Woolman and the Affairs of Truth, edited by James Proud, is the fourth publication from Inner Light Books. Many pilgrims on spiritual journeys since the time of John Woolman (1720-1772) have been drawn toward the irenic virtues and steadfast faith illuminating the pages of his Journal. This volume collects the body of Woolman’s general writings (other than the Journal) so that the record will be made more complete as to his concerns and thoughts, his experiences and prophetic witness, ‘in the affairs of Truth.’

John Woolman was a man of wide erudition and used the entire range of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, as well as biblical literature, with the elegance of a connoisseur, exactly quoting on some occasions, freely paraphrasing in context on others. He was a master of scripture and thus of how to ‘think and act biblically.’ He also knew and used in his texts the published works of his day on church history, Quaker theology and foundations, and the practices and economics of the slave trade. Indeed, in several sketches herein touching on international trade, he looks wisely upon one of the besetting problems of his day and ours—that of securing the viability of local economies when confronted by powerful interests intent on promoting international trade and globalization.

James Proud, the editor, is an attorney, now retired, and a priest of the Episcopal Church.  Proud is also a Woolman descendant. He previously published an article, “A Note on John Woolman’s Paternal Ancestors,” in Quaker History Vol. 96, No. 2 (2007).

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