Counsel to the



By William Shewen

Title Page

to the


Meditations & Experiences

Right Way of GOD.

Revealed and made Known in this the
Day of his Glorious Appearing in his People.
That they may be Encouraged to walk
therein to the End thereof.

By William Shewen.

Exodus 14.15. Speak unto the Children of Israel, that they go forward.
Matthew 10.22. He that endures to the End, shall be saved.

LONDON, Printed by John Bringhurst, at the Sign of
the Book in Grace-Church Street, 1683.

Reprinted in whole, or just the Meditations:
1764, 1769, 1771, 1793, 1799, 1826, 1827, 1838.

Inner Light Books
San Francisco, California

William Shewen was an early-convinced and prominent member of the Religious Society of Friends in London in the mid to late seventeenth century; he was also the author of a number of tracts and books. His Counsel to the Christian-Traveller: also Meditations & Experiences was first published in 1683 and frequently reprinted up to 1838. In this new edition, published by Inner Light Books, this early and important dissertation on Quaker Faith and Practice is made available to those who desire a deeper understanding of the traditional beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends.

In this short work Shewen states, “I may also hint at the work of God therein, and show that the same danger attends mankind in the way thereof, the mystery of godliness is great, and the mystery of iniquity is great also, and happy are you if you abide in the Light of God, which makes them both manifest. It is not enough to know the Light to shine, but to walk and abide in it, and be a true child of it. It is not enough to know the Spirit of Truth and the power of it, but to be led by it and joined to it, and become one with it, and to bring forth the fruit thereof.”

The author also tells us of his purpose in writing this book, “So Dear Friend and Reader, whose good in writing I chiefly aim at, I desire thee to be weighty and serious in reading, as I have been in writing; and thou wilt find the benefit and comfort thereof, as I have done, ministered into thy own Bosom, & thou wilt not only clearly perceive and understand the difference between the light, careless, overly reading, hearing, professing and talking of good things; and the serious weighty possession and enjoyment of them; but also betwixt the beginning, progress, middle, and end of the work of God in the new Creation, Restoration, Regeneration, and Salvation.”

About the Author

“This year died William Shewen, of London. He was a very serviceable man on Truth’s account, several ways, and an elder in the church, of a sound judgment and understanding in the Truth, and had very clear openings in relation to the work of it; and, also, of Satan’s wiles to hurt and hinder the progress in it, having had long experience of both, and therefore could advise and direct the Christian Traveler, how to keep in the one, and be preserved out of the Snares of the other; and wrote in peace with the Lord, and in unity with his people, the 28th of 5th month, 1695, about 64 years of age.” —From page 505 of George Whiting’s Memoirs, 2nd edition.

Counsel to the Christian Traveler coverNow available:
Hardcover: 120 pages, ISBN 978-0-9797110-0-8, $25.00
Paperback: 120 pages, ISBN 978-0-9797110-1-5, $15.00


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